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The Angelsword Story

Angelsword Health Centre came into being in January 2001. It’s predecessor was a home based Practice which had rapidly expanded and was literally “bursting at the seams”. Cars were often gridlocked in the small parking area, the bottles of herbs had been relegated to under the examination couch. All available space in the original cupboard set aside for supplements was occupied, and new additions had taken up residence on kitchen shelves.
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Josh's Story

Josh was born on 20th November 1984 in Tasmania by elective Caesarean Section.
For the first five hours of his life he screamed non-stop. His eyelids were puffy and red and it seemed as if he was reluctant to look out on the world in which he had arrived, peeping for fleeting seconds only, before tightly closing has eyes again to recommence bawling. This was in such contrast to my daughter Kristin, born 22months earlier, whom from the first moment gazed wide eyed in every direction, taking in all that was to be absorbed.  She had been such a perfect baby, so easy to manage, a delight to feed, beautiful in every way. Naturally I was expecting my son to follow her lead. This scenario however was not to be, and over the next two years Josh was to become my greatest teacher.
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“My G.P. was amazed that I fully recovered as the ‘experts’ had me enduring a lifetime of pain. I will be eternally grateful to Monica for freeing me of this painful existence and would recommend her to anyone with a medical condition.” More details...

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